• Lecture programme proves a big hit

    //19 May 2017

    Alongside the 140 exhibitors at the Scottish Dental Show, a huge draw to the event are the lectures. Presented by a range of professionals and academics, they are not only informative and entertaining but earn you that all important CPD.

    Dr Christopher Orr is a prominent cosmetic and aesthetic restorative dentist, who practices in his multidisciplinary clinic in central London. He is lecturing at the show for the first time and was impressed with the attendance during his first presentation, which started at 9am.

    He said: “People who get out of bed early to come to a lecture are generally interested and want to do better, so I felt like I had a captive audience and they all seemed to respond well to what I was saying.”

    Dr Orr’s first lecture of the day – ‘Beyond smile design: planning the whole mouth for function and aesthetics’ – discussed a structured approach to aesthetic treatment planning.

    He said: “It is often said that aesthetic dentistry ignores function. During this presentation, we discussed a structured approach to aesthetic treatment planning which first allows the clinician to envisage the ideal aesthetics, and then combine needed treatment with the elective treatment required to idealise aesthetics; before considering the consequential effect that the whole treatment plan will have on the patient’s function so that potential occlusal issues can be avoided or built into the treatment plan.”

    Dr Orr’s second lecture – ‘Inlays, onlays and endocrowns – is it time to say goodbye to traditional posterior crown preparations? – aimed to review the invasiveness of preparations for different indirect posterior restorations and discuss available materials for fabrication of inlays and onlays and the associated preparation designs and cementation materials.

    Despite this being Dr Orr’s first time at the show, he is already keen to come back.

    He said: “There are lots of dedicated people here and it is very well attended. It’s a nice event and well organised. I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.”

    Several lectures will run throughout both days at the show and they are available to attend on a first-come-first-served basis. To ensure your place make sure you arrive early as they cannot be booked in advance.

    All lectures will take place in rooms 1-4 which are situated within the main arena. Click here for a comprehensive timetable.

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