• The Style Award

    This category aims to showcase beautiful surroundings that help patients and staff enjoy their time at the practice. Pictures are essential for this category, so please provide the best quality images you have.

    We know that beauty is only skin deep but we also know that there are some stunning practices and some classy teams out there and they deserve their recognition.

    We are looking for practices, people and teams that are the very epitome of style.

    Does your practice wow patients and amaze passers by with its design, architecture and patient friendliness?

    Do your uniforms or scrubs make you stand out from the crowd and make you feel proud of your practice and profession?

    Pictures are vital for this category so please attach as many as you can in order to illustrate why you should be crowned the most stylish in Scotland!

    Shortlist announced

    Shortlisted for this award are:

    • E Dental Clinic, Edinburgh
    • Fergus and Glover, Glasgow
    • The Orthodontic Clinic, Aberdeen
    • Vita Dental Spa, Dundee
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  • And the winner is...

    The winner Fergus and Glover, Glasgow


    Previous Award Winner

    Last years winner Inverurie Dental Practice
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