• Best Professional Advisor

    NEW FOR 2017! The business side of dentistry has grown in prominence in recent years and more and more companies and individuals have started to offer direct dental-specific advice to the profession.

    From specialist dental accountants and lawyers to business coaches and mentors, this new award aims to recognise those companies and individuals who are offering the best advice and making a real difference to Scottish dental practices.

    This category is open to anyone advising the profession, be they financial, legal or compliance related. If they help your business thrive and guide you through the red tape, we want to hear about it!

    Entrants can include (but not limited to):

    • Accountants
    • Lawyers/solicitors
    • Financial advisors
    • Tax advisors
    • Banks
    • Anyone involved in buying and selling a practice
    • Business coaches and mentors
    • Indemnity organisations
    • Compliance advisors – decontamination, radiation protection etc

    Please provide details of how they have helped your business, what they do that is unique and why their advice is the best!

    Shortlist announced

    Shortlisted for this award are:

    • Adam Morgan, The Adam Morgan Company
    • Ian Main, Stark Main Dental
    • Michael Royden, Thorntons Law LLP
    • Paul Graham, Christie and Co
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  • And the winner is...

    The winner Adam Morgan, The Adam Morgan Company


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