• The restoration of dental implants

    • Saturday 20th May, 2:00 - 3:30
    • This lecture is presented by: Mr Steve Campbell
    • This session will take place in: Atrium 3

    • dentist, technician

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    Dental implant and related treatments are becoming an increasingly popular treatment modality, allowing replacement of a missing tooth or teeth, or denture stabilisation.

    Dental implant treatment requires careful assessment and planning, good surgical techniques and competence in the restorative aspects. In addition, monitoring and maintenance of dental implants is essential in order to ensure stability together with an ability to identify any deficiency in the peri implant tissues as early as possible.

    This course sequence will allow a general theoretical and practical introduction to dental implants for the general dental practitioner and dental hygienist/therapist with an interest in this area.

    The restoration of dental implants
    Implants should be planned and placed from a restorative viewpoint on order to allow the ideal long term solution for patients.

    There are many different techniques for restoring dental implants depending on the clinical situation and this programme will aim to introduce techniques for the restoration of dental implants from the viewpoints of both dentist and technician.

    In addition, this presentation will cover digital integration in implant dentistry. This session will include both lecture and hands on impression taking elements.

    Aims and objectives
    • To outline the options available when restoring dental implants
    • To highlight the importance of the dentist technician relationship
    • To outline the techniques available for restoring dental implants
    • To highlight the potential issues of poor implant restoration
    • The digital interface in the restoration of dental implants.

    Learning outcomes
    By the end of this course, delegates should:
    • Have an understanding of the techniques available in the restoration of dental implants
    • Be aware of the importance in communication to achieve successful restorations and the methods available to achieve this
    • Appreciate the practical aspects of dental implant restoration
    • Understand the potential implications of poorly restored dental implants.

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