• Faster fillings without fuss

    • Friday 19th May, 12:15 - 1:15
    • This lecture is presented by: Professor Brian Millar
    • This session will take place in: Atrium 2

    • dentist

    A simple composite technique with no need to light-cure or finish, no need to polish, occlusion auto-correct and good aesthetics.

    To book a place on this workshop, email Helen.Wilson@coltene.com or call 07788 146 109 with your name, GDC number and contact telephone number.

    Aims and objectives
    • To teach delegates how to rapidly restore a deep cavity
    • To teach how to obtain good occlusal and proximal contacts with ease.

    Learning outcomes
    • At the end of the lecture delegates will be able to:
    • Restore a deep undercut cavity with a quick and effective technique
    • Restore aesthetics and occlusion with little or no finishing
    • Obtain good proximal contact areas

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Professor Brian Millar Brian Millar