• Discover the secrets to ethically selling your treatment plans

    • Saturday 20th May, 12:15 - 1:15
    • This lecture is presented by: Ashley Latter
    • This session will take place in: Atrium 2

    • dentist, team

    Become world-class at communicating your technical skills, so that you can finally deliver the dentistry that you love to do and, most importantly, that your patients want.

    Would you like to have more of your private treatment plans accepted and be paid well for the work you do?

    Have you taken a technical course, but feel that you have not achieved a return on investment yet? Is the kit still in the box?

    Do you think your treatment is worth more than you are getting paid?

    Would you like to be able communicate in a way that does not sound too ‘salesey’ and gets patients to buy into our treatment plans?

    Are you a NHS dentist but wants to increase your private treatment/options?

    If the answer to any of these questions is a YES, then this is a MUST attend workshop. In this one-hour session, Ashley will share proven ideas and concepts so that you can hear a YES more often all in an ethical way.

    To book your place on this workshop, email alessio@thesellingcoach.com
    Places are limited, so early booking is advised.

    Aims and objectives
    • Discover the 5 key biggest communication mistakes made by dentists every day in their communication. These mistakes are costing thousands of pounds in lost opportunities every week.
    • Discover what are the most essential skills and attitudes in hearing a yes more often.
    • Develop more self- confidence and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment
    • Discover the one major secret on why some Dentists are more successful than others
    • Understand what the 8 proven steps of the Ethical Sales Approach, so that more patients say yes to your treatment plans
    • Discover the one most important communication skill dentists can develop, that will enable you to create more opportunities to deliver the dentistry that you love to do and patients want.

    Learning outcomes
    At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:
    • Know how to build instant rapport with all types of patients. Discover the one secret to getting patients to like you instantly.
    • Communicate effectively, clearly and concisely. Understand the language that excites patients to take action and most importantly, what you must not say to dissuade them.
    • Create a world-class patient journey in your practice. Stand out from all other practices.

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