• Mike Gow

    Mike is a general dental practitioner working in private practice at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow (www.berkeleyclinic.com). He graduated from Glasgow University’s Dental School in 1999. In 2005, he graduated with a Masters in Hypnosis Applied to Dentistry from the University of London after being awarded a distinction for the diploma.

    He regularly teaches other dentists, dental therapists and doctors on the topic of hypnosis and anxiety/phobia management. Mike has a Postgraduate Certificate in the Management of Dental Anxiety from the University of Edinburgh. He has attended and presented at many national and international workshops, lectures and conferences on rapport/language/communication, hypnosis, pain control, anxiety management and sedation.

    Mike is Past President of the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (Scotland) and is Editor of DentaltownUK dentistry emagazine (www.dentaltownuk.com).

    Mike has published many papers on hypnosis, dental phobia management and bruxism.

    He wrote a chapter for the book The Fearful Dental Patient: A guide to understanding and managing, edited by Prof A Weiner. Mike has appeared on TV several times (most recently BBC’s Horizon) demonstrating the use of hypnosis in dental pain control.

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