• Scam warning

    //08 Dec 2016

    A number of Scottish Dental Show exhibitors have received a letter in the post from a company calling itself “International Fairs Directory”, also known as “Expo Guide”.

    The letter and accompanying form asks exhibitors to update or confirm company details. The covering letter infers that this is a free listing on www.inter-fairs.com but, in the small print underneath the form, it states that by signing you are agreeing to enter into a “legally binding contract for the next three years”. It continues: “A yearly invoice in the amount of 1212 euros – or its equivalent in any other currency chosen by the Publisher – will be issued once the ad is published and it shall be credited every year via bank transfer or crossed check as soon as its (sic) been received.”

    This letter and this company have nothing whatsoever to do with the Scottish Dental Show, Scottish Dental magazine or our parent company Connect Publications. We do not ask for information or payment in this way and, if you receive a similar letter, you are advised to disregard and forward to your local Trading Standards.

    The following pictures were sent to us by an exhibitor who had started filling out the form before realising their error. Similar letters have been sent out in previous years and for other events such as the Dentistry Show, BDIA Dental Showcase and the British Dental Conference. All organisers have moved to distance themselves from such correspondence and asked exhibitors to ignore.

    View the full scans of the letters here: Page 1, Page 2

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or similar letters, please contact Bruce on 0141 560 3050 or email bruce@sdshow.co.uk

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