• The 5 essential ingredients to create, grow and sustain a power practice

    • Saturday 20th May, 12:15 - 1:15
    • This lecture is presented by: Adam Morgan
    • This session will take place in: Room 3

    • dentist, team, technician, business

    For anyone, in any role, with any involvement in a dental practice. In this one-hour session, Adam Morgan will share his top five keys to creating, growing and sustaining a practice that is profitable, has a great work ethic and leaves patients shouting about how good you are. Don’t get stuck in the traps of busyness and routine – make some changes in your own life to create a better, brighter and more successful tomorrow.

    Aims and objectives
    • Learn how to get more from your current job role to create a more successful practice
    • Understand how to change your behaviour to see improved results personally and for your practice

    Learning outcomes
    • Have the ability to identify key areas within your practice that need to change and ways in which to improve them
    • Have the confidence to address weaknesses in your practices as a team so that growth can occur.


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