• Putting a Smile back into Scotland!

    • Friday 19th May, 2:15 - 3:15
    • This lecture is presented by: Prof Lorna Macpherson
    • This session will take place in: Room 2

    • dentist, team

    Aims and Objectives
    1. Update on the Childsmile programme
    2. Update on the outcomes from the Childsmile programme
    3. Update on future plans to help reduce oral health inequalities.

    Learning Outcomes
    1. Have knowledge of the current Childsmile programme
    2. Have knowledge of the impact of the Childsmile programme
    3. Have knowledge of the plans to further prioritise reducing oral health inequalities
    4. Hear how learning from Childsmile can help shape the new Oral Health Plan in relation to improving child dental health.

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Lorna Macpherson