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    Rock Dent

    Rock Dent is a well-established manufacturer of dental, surgical and hollow-ware instruments. Customers are guaranteed superior quality, attractive prices and prompt delivery.
    The company’s dental products include: extraction forceps, root elevators, filling instruments, dental probes, periodontal instruments and mallets, curettes and scalers, modelling and measuring instruments, wax/plaster knives, diagnostic (explorers) and endodontic instruments, excavators, mouth mirrors and handles, spatulas, syringes, dental tweezers and rubber dam clamps.
    It’s surgical products include: Kelly forceps, mosquito forceps, tube forceps, cheatle sterilising forceps, Kocher’s Forceps, Mayo-Hegar/Crile-Wood/Olsen needle holders, thumb dressing forceps, ENT instruments, biopsy forceps, bone rongeur forceps, curettes, dressing scissors, Mayo scissors, lister bandage scissors, super cut scissors and hammers.
    Rock Dent’s hollow-ware includes: needle case, endodontic box, tube rack, cotton holder, spirit lamp cups, kidney trays, jallipot, instruments trays and instrument boxes.
    For more information and to request samples, visit  www.rockdent.biz
    If you can’t find your choice of instrument, email Rock Dent the picture and the company will send you a sample.